Renewable Energy

Technological advances, resource constraints, price volatility, and environmental concerns have increased the desire and demand for renewable energy resources by federal, state, and local governments and private sector entities. Lawmakers and regulators are encouraging the development and use of renewable resources with incentives and policies to accelerate and facilitate their deployment. Despite these initiatives, the development of renewable energy projects is often adversely affected by economic, financial, technical, and regulatory barriers.

Exeter is experienced with identifying and overcoming regulatory obstacles and assisting government policymakers and facility managers in achieving their goals to expand the use of renewable energy. For our state government clients, Exeter provides:

  • Technical assistance in the development of regulations
  • Economic analysis of policy options
  • Assessment of the viability and effectiveness of proposed policies

For our federal government clients, Exeter assists with:

  • Analysis of opportunities for the development of renewable energy projects
  • Analysis of the regulatory environment for developing projects
  • Purchase of, and contractual arrangements for, renewable energy resources

Exeter is also recognized for its expertise in wind power integration and interconnection and issues related to the siting and transmission of renewable energy projects. Exeter also has extensive experience in addressing issues related to renewable portfolio standards, including:

  • Development of standards
  • Implementation regulations related to legislated standards
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of renewable portfolio standards

Exeter has also worked extensively with large end-use customers to economically comply with RPS requirements and procure renewable energy certificates to meet state goals and/or the renewable energy consumption goals of the particular end-use customer.