Regulatory & Policy Analysis

The energy industry is uniquely sensitive to the regulatory environment. As a result, governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses are constantly responding to regulatory and policy changes affecting the energy industry. Exeter has extensive experience in the areas of regulatory and policy analysis and strategy.

Exeter provides support services to its clients in proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), other federal regulatory agencies, state public service commissions, federal courts, and state legislative hearings. Our team has provided consulting services and prepared testimony, reports, and studies addressing policy issues facing particular states, regions, and the nation. These testimonies and studies have involved such recent issues as:

  • Industry restructuring
  • Industry re-regulation
  • Wholesale and retail open access
  • Privatization of utility systems
  • Stranded cost
  • Development or evaluation of performance-based mechanisms (alternative forms of regulation) for electric utilities
  • Integrated resource planning and the analysis of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change policies.

Exeter provides energy economics consulting services to inform the policy debate and assist state and federal government decision-makers in their evaluation of proposed legislation and regulations. With an understanding of energy markets and the economic principles guiding those markets, Exeter provides its clients with briefings, recommendations, policy proposals, analyses, written or oral comments, written or oral testimony, or other responses as appropriate to our clients’ needs.