Energy Procurement & Options

Procuring electricity and natural gas has become increasingly complicated due to the growth of competitive regional markets, treatment of unbundled energy products such as ancillary services and capacity, recognition of demand resources, use of renewable energy portfolio standards, and increased use of financial instruments as a mechanism to hedge price risk.

Exeter has over two decades of experience providing energy supply procurement consulting services on behalf of large end-use customers and groups of customers, including:

  • DOE national laboratories
  • Numerous military installations
  • NASA facilities
  • State governments

Exeter’s work often begins with an Options Study to compare a base case—the continuation of current supply arrangements—with all other practical supply options, such as:

  • Alternative regulated and unregulated supply options
  • On-site renewable power project development, contracting, and financing
  • Fuel-switching opportunities
  • Cogeneration options to produce power and process steam

Once an approach has been selected, Exeter assists in all phases of energy procurement, including:

  • Preparation of solicitation documents
  • Evaluation of supply proposals
  • Negotiation of energy supply contracts
  • Collaboration with scheduling agents and coordinators
  • Oversight of supplier billing and performance