State Government

Exeter’s state government clients look to the firm for support in utility regulatory proceedings; policy development; electric industry restructuring; contract evaluation and negotiations; evaluation and analysis in the areas of renewable energy; climate change; transmission; and other areas. Listed below are some of our recent state government projects.

Avoided Cost Study

Maryland Energy Administration
Working closely with industry stakeholders, Exeter provided estimates for eight categories of costs avoided through EmPOWER Maryland’s energy efficiency and conservation programs.

Load Forecast

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Power Plant Research Program
Exeter has prepared long-term econometric load forecasts for Maryland as a whole and for individual utilities operating in the State.  Additionally, Exeter routinely evaluates PJM’s load forecasts, both in terms of results and methodology.

Various Pennsylvania Utilities

Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate
Exeter was engaged by the Consumer Advocate to address the Distribution System Improvement Charge filings of eight electric and gas utilities, focusing on their failure both to recognize accumulated deferred income taxes as zero cost capital and to reflect Pennsylvania’s policy of requiring the flow through of state income tax benefits.

United Water Rhode Island Base Rate Filing

Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
Exeter provided testimony on revenue requirements and rate of return issues in United Water’s base rate filing.  A settlement of the case was achieved.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Base Rate Filing

Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate
Exeter reviewed the first filing by a Pennsylvania utility under new rules established by Act 11 allowing the use of a fully forecasted future test year.  Exeter’s testimony addressed the proper determination of rate base and operating income under the new rules as well as traditional revenue requirement issues.

Emera Maine Base Rate Filing

Maine Office of Public Advocate
Exeter reviewed the combined base rate filing of Bangor Hydro Electric Company and Maine Public Service Company at the time of their merger.  Our testimony addressed rate base, revenue, expense and jurisdictional allocation issues.  A settlement was reached which resulted in a significant reduction in the companies’ requested increase.