Our Team

Dwight Etheridge - Photo DWIGHT D. ETHERIDGE, Principal
Mr. Etheridge has 28 years of wide-ranging experience analyzing and communicating on electric utility industry issues to multiple audiences, including regulatory commissions, senior utility managers, and the public. His areas of expertise include industry restructuring, cost allocation and rate design, electricity markets, resource planning, distributed generation, transmission system evaluations, forecasting, contract negotiations, telecommunications, business plan development, and risk management.
Mr. Mierzwa has over 25 years of public utility regulatory experience. At Exeter, he has been involved in utility class cost of service, rate design analysis, and conducting investigations of the natural gas supply and procurement practices of local distribution companies. Mr. Mierzwa has testified on over 200 occasions in numerous state jurisdictions and before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Mr. Mierzwa’s experience also includes revenue requirement analysis, the evaluation of performance-based incentive regulation, and the unbundling of utility services.
Ms. Mudd has 20 years of experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy policy, climate change policy, and utility regulation. At Exeter, Ms. Mudd analyzes the availability of renewable energy resources and conducts economic assessments related to electricity and natural gas supplies and the development of energy projects. She works primarily with state energy offices, utility regulatory commissions, and federal facility managers.
KLP 7 edied KEVIN L. PORTER, Principal
Mr. Porter has over 25 years of experience in renewable energy technologies, state and federal regulation of the electric power industry, and transmission. He leads and performs research on the design, implementation, and evaluation of renewable energy policies; on the grid integration of renewable energy technologies; and on the development and implementation of transmission policies and pricing.
SERHAN OGUR, Principal
Dr. Ogur has 19 years of experience in the energy industry specializing in organized wholesale and retail electricity markets. During a decade with PJM, Dr. Ogur was responsible for analyzing all PJM-administered electricity market products, including real-time energy, financial transmission rights, and capacity. Dr. Ogur’s work at Exeter includes analysis of electricity supply contracts, energy market prices, default electric service design, project evaluation, congestion hedging strategies, and price forecasting.
SLE 2 udpated STEVEN L. ESTOMIN, Consulting Economist
Dr. Estomin’s academic training and over 30 years of professional experience are in the areas of microeconomic applications, industry analysis, econometric modeling, and environmental economics. At Exeter, Dr. Estomin specializes in power supply procurement, utility load forecasting, regulatory policy, options analysis, utility contract negotiation, and issues of competition, antitrust, and damage estimation.
MATTHEW I. KAHAL, Consulting Economist
Mr. Kahal specializes in energy economics, public utility regulation, and financial analysis. Over the past three decades, his work has encompassed electric utility integrated resource planning, power plant licensing, and a wide range of utility financial issues. In the financial arena, he has conducted numerous cost of capital studies and addressed other financial issues for electric, natural gas, telephone, and water utilities. Mr. Kahal’s work in recent years has shifted to electric utility restructuring, mergers, and competition.