Exeter Associates, Inc. is a leading energy, economics, and regulatory consulting firm. We provide our clients with innovative yet practical solutions to public policy, legal, and business issues.

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Assessment of Utility Costs

Exeter has conducted more than 50 utility rate studies for federal installations in just the past five years. These studies include a comprehensive evaluation of options

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Contract Negotiation

As energy markets become more sophisticated and complicated, the opportunity to negotiate more favorable energy contracts also increases. In past years, the terms of energy supply for end-use customers were largely a factor of rate case negotiation and litigation.

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Energy & Environmental Economics

The role of clean energy and energy efficiency in the nation’s energy mix is becoming increasingly important as a way to both achieve energy independence and meet climate change targets.

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Energy Procurement & Options

Procurement of competitive electric and natural gas supplies has become increasingly complicated with the growth of competitive, regional markets; the treatment of unbundled energy products such as ancillary services and capacity; recognition of demand resources;

The purpose of an Options Study is to identify and preliminarily evaluate all utility supply options that could meet a facility’s present and planned utility requirements. The findings of an options study present a strategic road map for selecting the most economically efficient option that meets the needs of the client.

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Long-term load forecasting is a critical function that is ever more valuable as regional markets evolve and capacity becomes more constrained. As generation assets become increasingly more expensive to construct, forecasting has become more critical as a means of ensuring the avoidance of excess capacity, which can serve to dramatically increase costs to ratepayers.

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Exeter has extensive experience in the utility ratemaking process and is frequently called on to support utility rate case intervention by public service commission staffs, on behalf of offices of consumer advocate, offices of state attorneys general, and on the part of federal executive agencies. Exeter assists its clients supporting the development of rates that are:

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Regulatory & Policy Analysis

The energy industry is uniquely sensitive to the regulatory environment. As a result, governments, NGOs and businesses are constantly responding to regulatory and policy changes affecting the energy industry. Exeter staff has extensive experience in the areas of regulatory analysis and strategy.

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Renewable Energy

Technological advances, resource constraints, price spikes, and environmental concerns (including climate change considerations) have increased the desire and demand for renewable energy resources by federal, state, and local government, and private sector entities.

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