Exeter Associates, Inc. is an independent consulting firm located in Columbia, Maryland. Established in 1981, Exeter provides economic and financial consulting services in the areas of public utility regulation, energy, and antitrust economics. The firm maintains the highest standards in the application of economic and financial analysis to both quantitative and policy issues in the electric, gas, and other industries.

Our Culture

Exeter makes the most of being a small company. Our partners work closely with each other, trading off leadership of specific projects. Junior staff members contribute to a wide variety of projects in a collaborative, relaxed work environment.

We believe in cultivating staff for the long haul—the average Exeter employee has been with the firm for over nine years. We also enjoy life outside of work. Collectively, we have 30 children, 8 grandchildren, a rock band, a swing band, and a sailing team. We work hard to keep our clients happy, while letting staff manage their own work schedules.

Although we may not list an opening that matches your skill set, we are always looking for smart and creative people with experience in the electric power or natural gas industries.

If you are interested in working at Exeter, please email us your resume.